What are all the things that have happened, or can happen?

These questions, applied at both the smallest and largest scales we can probe, underpin my research interests in particle physics and cosmology. Applied on more-human scales, these same questions have been central to my unusual intellectual history. My willingness to think broadly and to challenge conventional wisdom were honed during adolescence by my practical need to discover how incorrect and harmful my own parents' antiscience views were. Turning that practiced ideological nonconformity to theoretical physics, I hope to understand what we might be missing from physics beyond the Standard Models of particle physics and cosmology.

I think this is needed in this epoch, as we find ourselves flailing about for new physics with increasing urgency over the past five decades. But this strategy requires much time learning all the cool things that are possible in field theory and gravity, and the fantastic pictures that have been proposed for how the world works, as well as the many ways a hint of new physics may arrive. Indeed, how am I to figure out what’s missing if I don’t first understand everything that has already been tried? My aim is to bring new perspectives to BSM physics by employing a broad range of ideas from field theory, particle physics, and cosmology, and engaging with a diverse set of experimental observables.

I should write some things here at an accessible level about some of my work. For now, my publications can be viewed on inspireHEP or in NASA ADS or on Google Scholar.